How the 1st Year of Curiosity was celebrated at NASA HQ

1 year ago: JPL control room celebrating the successfull landing of Curiosity in Gale Crater. by Joe Gillin I had the opportunity to attend the First anniversary celebration for the Curiosity landing on Mars on Tuesday at NASA HQ in Washington, DC. It was exciting to be there and watch a panel of NASA officials, […]

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Happy Birthday Curiosity: One Year on Mars

August 6, Tuesday 10:45 a.m. – Curiosity: First Year on Mars – JPL (All NASA TV Channels) 12 p.m. – “Curiosity’s First Year on Mars: The Path to Future Robotic and Human Exploration” (ISS Expedition 36 In-Flight Event with Karen Nyberg and Chris Cassidy to mark the anniversary scheduled at 1 p.m.) – HQ/JSC   […]

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Mars Day on the Hill, September 24, 2013

Contact your representative in the most direct way on 24 Sept. 2013Visit her/him on the Hill This second Mars Blitz of 2013 is again organized by Explore Mars to further the cause of a human mission to MarsCommit to debate STEM and Space, two for our nation so important issues Have a chance of meeting […]

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Race to Mars lets you attach your name to one of the astronauts in the game for a mere $300

Ever wanted to be in a game, recognizable for everyone ? Ever thought of going to Mars, but not in the peak of health? Or simply tied to Earth with family obligations and other practical considerations holding you back? Then this is the answer to your dreams. A group of Polish Mars enthusiast are crowdfunding […]

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Is there Life on Mars right now?

Is there Life on Mars right now?

Mars might be crawling with microbes right now. Watch the below video about that premise. I hope you enjoy this video as much as I did. And if you do, please send it on, and on, and on

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