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Dollar for dollar, no other space exploration non-profit accomplishes more than Explore Mars. While others talk about Mars exploration, Explore Mars advances the cause of sending humans to Mars through concrete programs and projects

Since our founding in 2010, our impact and influence in advancing the goal of landing humans on Mars has been unquestionable. But our most significant work is about to unfold, as we continue in 2015 to expand and accelerate our numerous programs and projects. Through programs such as the Humans to Mars Summit, the Mars Affordability Initiative, and Why Mars workshops, we bring space stakeholders, policy makers, and others together to tackle the tough issues that have frequently divided them.
In 2014, we launched two new technical projects, ExoLance and Time Capsule to Mars, both of which are building momentum and should make great strides forward in 2015.  And our active outreach to policy makers, elected officials, and others has been extremely successful, as we have built (and will continue to build) relationships with key decision makers. See descriptions below.
However, Explore Mars will not be able to accomplish our goals effectively without YOUR support.  YOU can play a substantial role in helping to achieve our mutual goals.
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Testimonials from Explore Mars Directors and Advisors

Doug McCuistion (former Director of NASA Mars Exploration Program)

“The Explore Mars team has been invaluable in raising awareness of why Mars exploration is important to expand science, maintain US leadership in planetary exploration, and provide the excitement so desperately needed to advance the next steps in human exploration.  For the highly successful Curiosity landing, Explore Mars provided great bang-for-the-buck with events worldwide, so I know donations to support exciting efforts like ExoLance and Time Capsule will be great investments!”

[br]Tiffany Montague (former Director, Google Space Projects)

“Explore Mars has the ability to not only characterize the most compelling issues and challenges of Mars science, exploration, and habitation, but also to distill and present these subjects in the most accessible manner.”

Explore Mars is on the Move


H2M:  The Humans to Mars Summit has become the premier annual conference focused on getting humans to Mars. With an already impressive lineup of speakers, H2M 2015 is quickly shaping up to be our best summit yet. The tentative list of speakers and the current agenda can be found HERE.

Mars Affordability and Sustainability Initiative:  This program has brought together stakeholders representing government, industry and commercial, academia, and international players to advance a path to Mars that is both affordable and sustainable.  The report for the first Mars Affordability workshop, which took place in Washington, DC, can be found HERE. The report for the second Mars Affordability workshop, which recently took place at CalTech, will be available soon.

Why Mars:  There are a host of compelling reasons to explore Mars.  However, the greater space community is still not always clear and concise in explaining and conveying those reasons to the general public and to policy makers. The Why Mars Workshops bring together space professionals, policy experts, public relations experts, representatives from the science fiction, entertainment, and media communities, and others to create messaging that will better articulate why we will be sending humans to Mars. First messaging from this effort will be available in early 2015.

ExoLance:  We have already begun the design phase of ExoLance, and in 2015 we will begin development and testing.  Thus far, we have received over $100,000 in in-kind and cash donations. However, we need to more than double that number in the next few months in order to move forward. We also will be announcing some exciting new partners over the next few months and will announce some significant updates.

Time Capsule to Mars: This student-led mission to land a digital time capsule on Mars by 2019 is revving up. We have assembled an impressive team of students, professional mentors, and corporate and academic supporters, and our students will produce the first hardware for the mission in the first quarter of 2015.
Mars Generation

2nd Mars Generation Survey: In 2013, Explore Mars conducted the first Mars Generation Survey, which showed that over 70 percent of Americans support Mars exploration. In the first quarter of 2015, we are aiming to conduct a follow-up poll to gauge whether that support is still high and to provide invaluable updates to policy makers, the space community, and the general public.
POlitical Outreach

Through events such as Mars Day on the Hill, Congressional briefing events, and other similar outreach activities, Explore Mars has successfully built relationships with many congressional and executive branch offices.  Explore Mars will also reach out to every major Presidential campaign to provide input on why and how human missions to Mars should occur by the 2030s.

Teaching Mars Workshops:  Teaming space professionals with STEM educators, the Teaching Mars Workshop series will continue in 2015. In these workshops, space professionals and STEM educators brainstorm how Mars can be integrated into the classroom.

Once you have made your donation, simply email us at the incentive you wish to receive along with your shipping address and who we should ship to if it’s a gift. Please add an additional $15.00 for international shipping. We appreciate all of your help and look forward to a successful mission of landing humans on Mars.


Support Humans to Mars and make your Tax-deductible Donation Today!

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Support Humans to Mars and make your Tax-deductible Donation Today!

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