Explore Mars Announces the Humans to Mars Summit (H2M)

Beverly, Massachusetts: July 18, 2012

How can we land humans on Mars by 2030? Join us at the Humans to Mars Summit (H2M) to learn ways in which this can happen.  Co-sponsored by Explore Mars and the George Washington University Space Policy Institute, H2M will be held on May 6-8, 2013 at the Lisner Auditorium at George Washington University in Washington, DC.  H2M will be a comprehensive Mars exploration conference to address the major technical, scientific, and policy related challenges that need to be overcome to send humans to Mars by 2030.

“Our goal is to have one of the most authoritative and diverse Mars exploration conferences ever held,” stated Explore Mars Executive Director, Chris Carberry.  ”We will involve key players from NASA, industry (including both established aerospace leaders as well as newer commercial space entities), the science community, and non-traditional players.”

Topics will include:  robotic and human pre-curser missions; launch systems; Mars transit challenges; human factors; entry, decent and landing; in situ resource utilization; space suit design; surface power; science goals; and many other topics.  H2M will also discuss space policy as well as ways to stimulate private sector participation in Mars exploration.

Some of the tentative speakers already include:
Dr. Doug McCuistion (NASA: Director, Mars Exploration Program)
Dr. James Garvin (NASA: Chief Scientist, Goddard Space Flight Center)
Andrew Chaikin (Author/Historian)
Dr. David Beaty (NASA JPL: Chief Scientist, Mars Exploration Directorate)
Michael Raftery (Boeing: ISS Deputy Program Manager)
Joe Cassady (Aerojet: Executive Director, Advanced Programs Engineering)
Dr. Chris McKay (NASA Ames: Planetary Scientist)
And many others…

According to Explore Mars President, Artemis Westenberg, “To get humans to Mars by 2030 will require a coherent step-by-step plan.  This conference will focus on the critical paths, ideas, and technology development needed for a human mission to Mars.”

Take advantage of our special “Pre-Launch” registration today and save money before the registration fee increases after September 12, 2012 -

More details will be announced soon.

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