Inner Space Training to talk on MediaMix, Sunday October 21, am CET

This Sunday’s radio debut on Den Haag FM’s show called MediaMix for Inner Space Training’s Mindy Howard. The show is a weekly event between 11-12 PM on Sunday night, 21 October 2012, on Den Haag FM (local The Hague, The Netherlands) radio station on 92.0 FM.

NOTE due to a bad cold, the radio program could not be done on 14 October , but had to be postponed till 21 October.

Inner Space Training was set up by Dr. Mindy Howard to ‘optimise your outer space experience’ for anyone who is considering to become a space tourist, if even only for a few weightless minutes with any of the burgoining commercial space flight entrepreneurs. Most commercial astronauts, have only one chance to get it right and achieve that “once in a lifetime experience”. Therefore it is prudent to train not only the body, but also the mind. IST addresses the mental and emotional challenges that may be experienced during flight. IST alleviates such challenges, coupled with offering situational awareness along the flight profile that ensures a peak experience. In order for suborbital scientists and space tourists to achieve a peak experience in space, IST trains in the area of psychological acclimation before the mission.

Mindy will also talk about her role in Astronauts for Hire, an organisation  formed in April 2010 to recruit and train qualified scientists and engineers for the rigors of spaceflight with activities related to commercial astronaut workforce development. A4H’s principal service is to train its members as professional astronaut candidates who can assist researchers, payload developers, and spaceflight providers with mission planning and operations support.

Here’s the announcement on the radio station’s website

As most of you are aware I am Dutch and this is local to my neighbourhood. Besides which I know Dr. Howard personally as we are both members of Women in Aerospace Europe and meet every last Thursday evening of the month in a restaurant in Leiden ( University town near ESTEC) for WIA talks and food in good company.

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