ISS and Mars: An Overview

ISS and Mars: An Overview

ISS & Mars

Overview of the International Space Station & Mars (ISSMars) Initiative

[April 12, 2012 UPDATE]: The 2012 conference starts today in Strasbourg, France! The public is invited to attend in person or via live webcast and tweet questions to #issandmars.


ISS and Mars: Can the International Space Station be used to Advance Mars Exploration?

After more than a decade of orbital assembly, the International Space Station is nearing completion. Recent actions by Congress and the Obama administration will likely extend the life of ISS into the next decade which means that ISS will be one of the central missions of the United States human space program for many years to come.

Because of this, NASA and the international partners need to assure that ISS is provided with a mission that will not only advance science, but will also enable humanity to leave low Earth orbit (LEO).

Mars has been called the “ultimate destination” of the space program. How can ISS be used to advance exploration beyond LEO – specifically to Mars? In this series of programs, world renowned experts will discuss how ISS can be best utilized to advance human and robotic exploration of Mars and the solar system.

Past ISSMars Events:

ISSMars-DC (IssMars #2)

Jack Morton Auditorium

George Washington University

April 6-7, 2011

Images of this event can be viewed here

International locations: We are also in negotiations to host panel discussions in Europe, Australia, Japan, and possibly Russia.

Dissemination: All programming will be video recorded and placed online to guarantee that they are available to anyone who might be interested.
Reports: Although formal papers will not be requested from our participants, reports describing each event will be produced and made available online. In addition, at the completion the ISS and Mars series, a detailed report summarizing all of the key points discussed during these programs will be produced. This report will be made available online and copies will be sent to NASA, The White House, Congressional leaders, and the ISS international partners.

ISSMars Partners: ISS and Mars (ISSMars) is being presented by Explore Mars, Inc. and the National Space Society.

Photo courtesy of NASA

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