MSL Picture of the Day: T-0 Days: Landing

MSL Picture of the Day: T-0 Days: Landing

Today is the day.

Will Gale Crater be as beautiful as this render by Kees Veenenbos?

Will the landing be successful?

Will Curiosity be able to detect the minerals she was send to find?

After 8 years I am returning to JPL  for another rover and that feels wonderful.

Last time I came to discuss Spirit and Opportunity; Today I will discuss Curiosity.

Don’t you love those names?

It sure beats Phobos and Deimos, for who wants to have ‘fear’ and ‘panic’ in the mind, when the Mars Science Lab rover is about to touch down.

Go Curiosity!

I hope Lego will make us another one like this.

It kept me occupied over a weekend in 2004.
858 parts + a 45 pages thick manual to construct it.
Ofcourse on page 41 I found that I had used the wrong part on page 7.
Would that ever happen to the real engineers of our Mars rovers?

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