MSL Picture of the Day: T+20 Days: Neil Armstrong videoclips

This morning, August 26, 2012, I woke up with a sense of loss: Neil Armstrong is no longer with us. Heavy rainfal and a totally clouded sky made it impossible for me last night to look up at the moon last night to wink at his footstep there, So I started my day with the next best thing, surfing the web for more news on him. That brought me to Facebook and this video of NASA celebrating 50 years, hosted by Neil Armstrong. I would like to share my surfing with you as on his death many videoclips of Neil Armstrong were brought to the forefront at youtube. As I imagine you, just like me, would like to know as much as possible who was Neil Armstrong, I submit a list for you below, as I believe listening to what he had to tell us over the years is good way to remember him.
I think there is no better tribute to Neil Armstrong than to continue his off-planet walk with steps on Mars, forging ahead in what he began: our off-planet history on another heavenly body.

Neil Armstrong hosts the 90-minute documentary that features film and video highlights of the agency’s first half-century. Included are insights and perspectives from astronauts, scientists, engineers and others whose contributions have helped shepherd America’s space program.
Interviews include former NASA astronaut and U.S. Senator John Glenn, Apollo flight director Gene Kranz, author Ray Bradbury, NASA scientist and Nobel Prize winner John Mather, and presidents George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton.

On 20 July 2009 Neil Arsmtrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins received the Congressional Gold Medal. Neil Armstrong remarks on how astronauts were selected in those early days.

The first step on the Moon by Neil Armstrong, 20  July 1969.

Apollo 11 post flight press conference

Neil Armstrong in 1970 interview at the exact moment that he remembers his looking at Earth from the Moon

Australian TV item about interview with Neil Armstrong in Australia by acountant

A small snippet of a 60 minutes interview with Neil Armstrong; I have not been able to find the full interview, yet.

Dedication of the Neil Armstrong Engineering Hall at Purdue University on 28 October 2007, in the presence of 16 of the 22 Purdue Alumni astronauts

First Man book interview of Neil Armstrong

Neil and Buzz united on Mars: photoshopped Buzz Aldrin on Mars, with Neil Armstrong with his Hasselblad camera reflected in the visor of Buzz.

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