First NASA Landing Site/Exploration Zone Workshop for Human Missions to the Surface of Mars

Explore Mars proposes to land the first human mission in Copernicus Crater. Although this crater has many of the requirements for a landing site to be considered (geologically interesting places and features like Olivine dunes and gullies that hint of water) the overriding reason to propose Copernicus is, that the first landing of Humans on […]

Space Exploration Alliance Blitz 2015

Register Here [br]The Space Exploration Alliance (SEA) will be holding its annual grassroots visit to Congress, known as the “Legislative Blitz”, in Washington, D.C. from Sunday, February 22 to Tuesday, February 24, 2015. With unprecedented budgetary pressures facing the legislative and executive branches of government, it is uncertain which path our nation’s leaders will take […]

ExoLance: Preliminary Modeling for Penetration Effectiveness

Aerojet Rocketdyne has been performing modeling of the Mars penetrators under internal funding as in-kind support for the ExoLance project.  This work uses an industry standard simulation known as hydrocode modeling.  In the hydrocode model, a grid is generated to represent the material that the penetrator is impacting and the model is run to determine […]

Mars Day on the Hill, September 24, 2013

Contact your representative in the most direct way on 24 Sept. 2013[br]Visit her/him on the Hill[br] This second Mars Blitz of 2013 is again organized by Explore Mars to further the cause of a human mission to Mars[br][br]Commit to debate STEM and Space, two for our nation so important issues [br]Have a chance of meeting […]