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MSL Picture of the Day: T+365 Days: Looking up at the Moon at night on Mars

Image credit: NASA/JPL /MSSS Curiosity took this image of both Mars’ moons in one image on Sol 351 (August 1st, 2013). Both Phobos and Deimos, the Martian Moons were in the sky over her head. This is a raw image. Phobos is the moon that appears larger in the image; Deimos is the smaller object. […]

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MSL Picture of the Day: T+200 Days: Curiosity switches to B-side computer after glitch

Due to a problem with Mars rover Curiosity’s active computer, mission managers decided to switch to her backup computer as a ‘safe mode’ precaution. Misson scientists told that the intentional swap was carried out due to a memory issue. The problem was identified on Wednesday February 27, 2013, when Curiosity transmitted routine status information, but […]

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MSL Picture of the Day:T+188 Days: What really to wear on Mars

To continue the talk about ‘what to wear’,  today I am looking at what we really will wear on Mars. As you understand that we give serious thought – and have been doing that for many years – to what we want to wear on Mars. And no, I am not  talking colours, or stylishness […]

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MSL Picture of the Day:T+158 Days: Glenelg is even more interesting than expected

Today we were witness to another briefing by the Curiosity team at JPL and other institutions. In the briefing the following scientists told the story of the research of Curiosity in Gale Crater: Richard Cook, MSL project manager, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, Calif. Michael Malin, Mastcam principal investigator, Malin Space Science Systems, San Diego […]

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Shiny thing in rock at Yellowknife Bay

Shiny thing in rock at Yellowknife Bay

Like the ‘mystery’ shiny thing Curiosity spotted in October 2012 that was nothing more than a piece that had fallen off the Curiosity crane when it was setting down Curiosity, another shiny thing lodged in a rock has been spotted. The mission scientists haven’t yet explained it.  The image of the shiny bit was acquired when […]

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