Space Exploration Alliance Blitz 2015

Register Here [br]The Space Exploration Alliance (SEA) will be holding its annual grassroots visit to Congress, known as the “Legislative Blitz”, in Washington, D.C. from Sunday, February 22 to Tuesday, February 24, 2015. With unprecedented budgetary pressures facing the legislative and executive branches of government, it is uncertain which path our nation’s leaders will take […]

Race to Mars lets you attach your name to one of the astronauts in the game for a mere $300

Ever wanted to be in a game, recognizable for everyone ? Ever thought of going to Mars, but not in the peak of health? Or simply tied to Earth with family obligations and other practical considerations holding you back? Then this is the answer to your dreams. A group of Polish Mars enthusiast are crowdfunding […]

Trojan Asteroids around Jupiter explained

image: Peter Scheirich, 2005 Ever wondered how the Lagrangian points work? Or how the asteroid belt came (and stayed)? I found a great explanation with an even greater image and I hope you enjoy this as much as I do. Jupiter and the Sun are the two largest objects in our Solar System. Jupiter orbiting […]