Poll Finds Public Wants NASA To Send People To Mars, Have Larger Budget.

The US News & World Report (2/12, Koebler) reports, “Americans overwhelmingly believe NASA should be working on sending a man to Mars and are optimistic that humans will reach the planet sometime in the next two decades, according to a new poll released Monday.”

The poll was funded by Explore Mars and Boeing. Close to 75% believe people will land on Mars by 2033 and should either conduct the mission or at least “play a strong role” helping a commercial company.

The article notes that respondents also thought NASA received 2.5% of the US budget and when informed otherwise, “75 percent of poll respondents said that NASA’s funding should be increased to about 1 percent of the total federal budget in order to fund a Mars mission. ” Explore Mars executive director Chris Carberry “says the survey results suggest Americans are ready for a renewed dedication to exploring the solar system.”

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