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Mars exploration sparks global collaboration, driving advancements in robotics, telecommunications, and sustainability with Earthly benefits.


Moon and Mars missions boost global cooperation, enabling technological and sustainability breakthroughs, benefitting humanity on Earth.


The challenges of Mars drive innovation in fields like renewable energy and resource recycling & other United Nations Sustainability Goals, to the benefit of Earth ensuring we all thrive.

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Explore Mars, Inc.

Advancing human exploration of Mars and beyond no later than the 2030s, for a sustainable and inclusive future for us all.
is the only non-profit mentioned in the NASA Transition Authorization Act of 2017 
has been instrumental in bringing together global stakeholders passionate about Mars?
unites Lunar and Martian communities, advocating for a unified space exploration vision?
champions an inclusive future in space, ensuring every voice is heard.
is at the forefront of ensuring space exploration benefits all of humanity equally.
is committed to ensuring space exploration honors & adheres to the United Nations Suitability goals.

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Community CREW Spotlight

In this video, learn about the key reasons why Tiffany and 99 other women scientists from around the world are headed for Antarctica in a once-in-a-lifetime voyage. From improving their leadership skills to tackling the effects of climate change on our planet, this Antarctic voyage sets the stage for empowering women and underrepresented innovators to take effective action in addressing some of humanity's grand challenges.

The voyage is not only about individual growth and development; it also fosters a collaborative and diverse community of like-minded scientists who are committed to making a difference. By bringing together women and underrepresented innovators from various backgrounds, the initiative aims to create a supportive network that can collectively work towards effective climate action.

To donate, please visit https://tinyurl.com/tiffanyHBvoyage or send a message to hello@tiffanyvora.com

Your donation supports effective action against climate change at all scales, from individuals to companies and governments, through social equity diversity, representative leadership.

By donating here, you'll be supporting Tiffany’s financial needs for travel, gear, insurance, the voyage, and the leadership program itself. Every dollar helps to build a better future for our planet!

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Our Mission: Explore Mars, Inc. is a global community where innovators, pathfinders, and policymakers of all ages collaborate to establish a human presence on Mars no later than the 2030s. We envision a world where the human drive to explore and discover propels us into a thriving, inclusive, and environmentally responsible existence on Earth and beyond. We connect people and organizations, pushing the boundaries of the space ecosystem to welcome stakeholders who are passionate about building a peaceful and prosperous multiplanetary future for decades to come.

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