The Mars Innovation Forum (Mars-IF) Online May 25-27, 2021

Explore Mars, Inc. is pleased to announce the first Mars Innovation Forum (Mars-IF), which is scheduled for May 25-27, 2021. This virtual conference will examine the many innovations that are required for an achievable and sustainable human presence on Mars and how these technologies/capabilities will benefit life on Earth.

The Mars Innovation Forum will be the first of a series of programs (conferences, workshops, webinars) that will (1) define the challenges of sustainability on Mars, (2) recruit new, diverse communities to humanity’s efforts to explore deep space, (3) create new strategies to solve the defined challenges, and (4) identify potentials benefits and markets on Earth.

Any members of the press interested in attending Mars-IF should contact us at

Mars-IF will assemble experts from such industries as:

  • Agriculture and food production
  • Advanced computing/Artificial intelligence
  • Resource utilization
  • Deep Space Communications
  • Powering a Sustainable Presence on Mars
  • Health and Wellbeing/Remote medicine
  • Building/Creating on Mars
  • Environmental systems
  • 3-D printing
  • Humans/Machine Interaction
“Explore Mars coordinates industry cooperation, international collaboration, and public determination to ensure human exploration of Mars by the 2030s.

Through our many successful programs and reporting, including the Humans to Mars Summit Series, and the Community Workshops for Achievability and Sustainability of Human Exploration of Mars, Explore Mars brings space stakeholders, policy makers, and others together to reach a consensus on issues that have frequently divided them.”

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