American’s Believe Man Will Be On Mars By 2033 But Have No Clue About NASA’s Budget

American’s Believe Man Will Be On Mars By 2033 But Have No Clue About NASA’s Budget

  • On February 11, 2013

There’s a whole new interest in everything Mars related, with everyone and their brother it seems predicting that man will eventually make the trip to the red planet instead of just robots doing all the heavy lifting. This idea was backed up by a recent polled carried out by Phillips & Company for the non-profit Explore Mars company.

It seems, according to the poll, that 71% of the participants in the poll (which included 1,101 people) felt quite confident that man would be on Mars within the next two decades. Of course where this idea totally falls apart is when the same group was asked what percentage the US government spends on the NASA budget.

Respondents answered that they believed that the government allocates some 2.4 percent of the federal budget to fund NASA when in fact nothing could be further from the truth. In fact the current funding for NASA amounts to a measly 0.5 percent ($17.7 billion) of the 2013 budget.

When faced with this monetary reality the poll takers responded interestingly enough with that they “Strongly Agreed” or “Agreed” that NASA’s budget should be increased to at least 1% of the national budget in order to be able to fund the trip to Mars.

“Despite difficult economic times, the American people are still inspired by space exploration and are committed to human exploration of Mars,” said Chris Carberry, Executive Director of Explore Mars. “This is a wakeup call to our leaders that Americans are still explorers.”

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