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Few space-advocacy organizations have had as much impact in recent years as Explore Mars, Inc. Passion and support for sending humans to Mars are historically strong. However, we now face the biggest challenge to the humans to Mars cause since the founding of our organization in 2010.

Although momentum for human missions to Mars has been building in recent years and has grown to unprecedented levels, with the real threat of a shift in space policy, exploration of Mars could compete with exploration of the Moon, causing devastation for both public and private endeavors.

Explore Mars supports all levels of exploration, including lunar, but remains focused on Mars being the main driver and focus of the human exploration policy.

Without your help, the support of Mars exploration could collapse.

Whether you support Mars exploration conducted by NASA, commercial/industrial, international, or a combination, we ALL need to show our strong support for Mars now more than ever before.

How will your support to Explore Mars help “Save Mars”?

  • World-Class programs:  The upcoming Humans to Mars Summit ( is expected to draw in the vicinity of 1000 attendees and over a million online views.  Explore Mars also intends to begin international H2M programming in 2017 with a European H2M.
  • STEM Education: Explore Mars is building partnerships with several major STEM outreach organizations to launch major STEM activities.  We will also reinvigorate the Teaching Mars Workshop series.
  • Synergy Building – Explore Mars is a leader among space advocacy organizations, and we are known for our ability to bring people and organizations together to create synergies to advance the goal of humans to Mars. One of these programs is the Mars Affordability and Sustainability Workshops

(, in which experts from the science, engineering, academic, and policy fields consider the issues that must be addressed in order for humans on Mars in the 2030s to become a reality.

  • Awareness Building/Outreach: Informing the space community, policy makers, press, and the public about actual and significant progress being made is a central theme of our efforts, and our annual Humans to Mars Report
( serves as a major tool and resource for space stakeholders. In 2016, we also launched the 10-part “Why Mars?” series in The Huffington Post (go to and follow the links to the articles).
  • Partnerships and Coalition Building: One organization, no matter how effective, cannot succeed in this goal alone. Since our founding, Explore Mars has built partnerships and coalitions with dozens of organizations. In 2017 Explore Mars will be continuing to expand its network as well as establishing new partnerships with other space organizations as well as non-traditional partners in support of humans to Mars.
  • Policy: Building awareness among policy makers has always been vital to Explore Mars. In 2016, Explore Mars visited EVERY congressional office, conducted two congressional briefings, and provided oral testimony to Congress. In 2017 we will continue our ongoing mission to educate policy makers.
  • Collaborative Projects: In 2017 Explore Mars will be building new partnerships in some important technical projects that are highly relevant to human missions to Mars.

Make no mistake – your donations will enable Explore Mars to have a significant impact in 2017. But we can not do it alone, and we need your support. Please donate today!


If you have any questions or would like to talk with us, feel free to reach out.
We hope to hear from you soon.Best wishes, and Happy Holidays, from all of us at Explore Mars.
Chris Carberry, CEO Explore Mars, Inc
Artemis Westenberg, President Explore Mars, Inc

P.S. – Do you want to know more about our programs, have ideas, questions, or want to help more directly? Please write us at [email protected] – we’re always looking for new ideas and volunteers.

Thank you and onward to Mars! 

Support Humans to Mars and make your Tax-deductible Donation Today!

Explore Mars, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation organized in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Donations to Explore Mars are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. You can contact us using our website or at the email address [email protected].



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