an Explore Mars Event

May 17-19, 2022

The George Washington University

Washington D.C.


Beth Mund

Casual Space | Host

Most people believe they are disconnected from the innovations space exploration brings us because space is “out there” and Earth is “down here.”  It’s too difficult to connect our work today as an investment in our future tomorrow beyond this planet.

I believe in discovering, designing, and delivering stories about science and space.

Hi, I’m Beth Mund. Analog Astronaut, Keynote Speaker, and Space Communicator.

While working at NASA as a public affairs officer for the Johnson Space Center, and later as a communication officer for the International Space Station, I reported the many scientific innovations that enhanced and sometimes saved people’s lives, only to see these stories fall to the wayside, undiscovered. I became a fiercely passionate advocate for the people and their stories of science and space exploration. I share their stories on stage, in workshops, on my podcast, in my blog…any opportunity that showcases people who are making tomorrow’s innovations happen today.

About a year ago, I created Casual Space, a podcast that provides intimate conversations each week with astronauts, engineers, authors, educators, architects and many more guests looking to share their love for space while helping to inspire the next generation of difference makers. Thousands of listeners continue to grow our casual community of space enthusiasts and advocates.

I serve on the Space Camp Alumni Board, and as a Space Drinks board member. I became an Analog Astronaut in November at the HI-SEAS research facility on a Mars simulation mission with a crew of 5 other incredible women.

I’m Beth Mund, and I discover, design and deliver stories about space.