an Explore Mars Event

May 7-8, 2024

Jack Morton Auditorium,

The George Washington University

Washington D.C.


Catherine Koener

NASA | Associate Administrator, ESDMD
Humphrey "Hoppy" Price is Chief Engineer of NASA’s robotic Mars Exploration Program. He was the architect of the JPL minimal architecture for humans to Mars. Hoppy was the Project System Engineer for the GRAIL mission to map the gravity field of the Moon and was the Configuration Engineer for the Cassini Saturn orbiter mission. He was the Flight System Engineer for the Prometheus/JIMO Phase A project and was supervisor of the systems engineering group for Entry, Descent, and Landing on the Mars Exploration Rovers project. He has led and participated in many formulation studies of spacecraft and advanced propulsion systems including Mars Sample Return, interstellar missions, solar sails, and fusion rockets. Hoppy has B.S. in Engineering Science and M.S. in Nuclear Engineering degrees from the University of Texas at Austin.