an Explore Mars Event

May 16-18, 2023

The National Academy of Sciences Building

Washington D.C.

Lee Giat

Flying Ostrich Media, Inc. | President & CEO

Lee Giat is a filmmaker, pilot, and science communicator. He first picked up the camera at seven years old, and spent most of his childhood making short films with friends. Lee holds a Multimedia Production degree, as well as a background in astrophysics. Today, he serves as President & CEO of Flying Ostrich Media, Inc.

Lee served as a former NASA Night Sky Network astronomy educator, as well as a presenter at the largest single-lens planetarium in the world, the Bryan-Gooding Planetarium.

Giat strives to use his passions to make the world a better place. He recently returned from a 48-day solo flight expedition called PASSAGE. Providing STEM education resources for over 20,000 underprivileged kids throughout the Caribbean and South America. This is the subject of an upcoming docu-series titled "Wright of Passage," which premieres at NASA's Kennedy Space Center on June 17th.