an Explore Mars Event

May 17-19, 2022

The George Washington University

Washington D.C.


Peggy Wu

Raytheon Technologies | Associate Director, Principal Scientist, Strategist: Cognition and Decision Theoretics for Alternative Data and Data Aware AI

Award winning scientist with 20 yrs of experience combining cognitive psychology with Artificial Intelligence to advance Human Computer Interactions, Social Computing, Human Machine Trust, & Ethical AI. Applying advanced technologies such as Virtual/Augmented Reality to improve Human+Machine performance on Earth and in Space. Peggy is the recipient of numerous grants from the DoD, NASA, and DoE, and serves in a leadership capacity for a matrix organization of 200+ team members. She serves as a judge XPRIZE, has been an invited expert for congressional staffer and NATO briefings, NASA proposal reviewer, and conducts public engagements and probono consulting to enhance Science and Technology representation through the National Academies of Sciences and the UN. She is an inventor with 7 patents and over 70 peer reviewed publications. She excels at translating complex real world challenges and customer needs into actionable technical plans and cultivating multi-disciplinary teams in a leadership role. She is motivated to transition sound research into technologies that can result in meaningful societal impact. Peggy's work has been covered by the BBC, National Geographic, Discovery Magazine, PC Magazine, Physics Today and other media outlets.

Core Competencies:
Strategic Planning ∙ Decisive Visionary ∙ Defining Research Vision and Scope while Mission-driven ∙ Thrives in Managing Uncertainty and Complexity ∙ Program Management ∙ Technology & Science Scouting and Management ∙ Resource Planning & Management ∙ User Centered Design ∙ Experimental Design ∙ Lead International Interdisciplinary Teams ∙ Fluent in Chinese-Cantonese

Favorite extracurricular activities:
Mentoring early career professionals, boy scouts and cub scouts, #FLL First Lego League teams