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May 7-8, 2024

Jack Morton Auditorium,

The George Washington University

Washington D.C.


Phnam Bagley

Nonfiction, LLC | Partner & Creative Director

Phnam Bagley, Partner + Creative Director at Nonfiction

Phnam is an industrial designer and space architect who designs the future of everything, on and off planet Earth.

She is the co-founder of Nonfiction, a design firm that turns science fiction into reality for a better future.

Some examples of her work include wearables and brain implants for human health and performance, and renewable energy solutions for rural Africa.

She is also involved in creating space architecture for Sierra Space’s LIFE program, so scientists can work and thrive in space.

All of Phnam’s work supports the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals, and focuses on create a positive impact for people and the natural world.

In 8 years of existence, Nonfiction’s design work has been responsible for more than $750M in fundraising, sales and acquisitions.
As an educator, Phnam co-produces Future Future, a video series that demystifies design and the future of everything.

She also teaches creativity and innovation to US generals, police departments and NASA centers.

She is a keynote speaker, sharing her stories and insights on international stages like TEDSXSWCOP and more.