an Explore Mars Event

May 7-8, 2024

Jack Morton Auditorium,

The George Washington University

Washington D.C.


Scarlett Hartzman

Student | Future Engineer and Mars Explorer

Scarlett Hartzman is a sophomore at New Rochelle High School. Her interest in space was ignited in second grade after doing a school project on Sally Ride. In 2019, she visited NASA JPL and saw the Perseverance Rover being built. She met many scientists while there, all of whom encouraged her pursuit of a career in aerospace.

As a freshman, Scarlett started a rocketry club at her high school (inspired by Gitika Gorthi). She also wrote an essay about her passion for space, put it on a microSD chip, and sent it into space to be received by the ISS as a part of the Stories of Space Project. Last summer she witnessed the rocket launch at NASA Wallops—with her story on board.

Scarlett is currently part of her school’s Science Research program and recently placed second in the country’s largest science fair (WESEF). As a part of her next assignment, she has just started as a mentee with Dr. Pascal Lee to help research traverse routes for future manned missions to Mars. This summer, Scarlett will be attending the Engineering, Innovation, and Design Pre-College Program at Northeastern University.