an Explore Mars Event

May 17-19, 2022

The National Academy of Sciences Building

Washington D.C.


Dr. C. Steven McDaniel

Reactive Surfaces | Managing partner, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Innovation Officer

It was late 2009 when four Mars geeks met to discuss a new organization to promote human exploration and habitation of Mars that they named Explore Mars. Steve was the ring-leader of those rabble-rousers. Since then, he has devoted his Mars efforts to developing real-world technology to explore and establish a permanent human presence on Mars, while preserving the potential of science to unequivocally confirm or reject the presence of a Martian biosphere. His award-winning companies are manned by top-level polymer chemists, biochemists, and molecular biologists, widely-recognized world-leaders in functional coatings. His and his wife Beth’s law firm has successfully procured, defended and continues to prosecute patents surrounding these innovations. His latest paint innovation - Carbon Capture Coatings applied to Massively Iterated Vertical Surfaces - is designed to capture, fix and durably-sequester the massive amounts of carbon dioxide humans have added to Earth’s biosphere directly from its atmosphere to help slow the relentless march of existential climate change, and to apply the same technology on Mars in order to provide more oxygen-rich environments to support an Earth-like biosphere in which humans can not only survive but thrive.