an Explore Mars Event

May 16-18, 2023

The National Academy of Sciences Building

Washington D.C.

Tiffany Vora

Singularity University | Faculty & Vice Chair, Digital Biology & Medicine
Dr. Tiffany Vora is a keynote speaker, writer, scientist, and entrepreneur who lives in Silicon Valley. She earned her PhD in Molecular Biology at Princeton University and was formerly a professor at the American University in Cairo and an Instructor in Bioengineering at Stanford University. She is currently Faculty and Vice Chair of Medicine and Digital Biology at Singularity University, a Nonresident Fellow of the GeoTech Center of the Atlantic Council, and faculty at EY Tech University. Tiffany fosters global conversations about humanity’s future with Humanity in Deep Space and ExploreMars, where she is honored to serve as a Board Member. She also serves as an Industry Advisory Board Member for, a longevity-focused nonprofit.