Joe Webster

M Wade Holler

Joe Webster is an attorney in private practice with a …

J.R. Edwards

M Wade Holler

A native of Indianapolis, Indiana, Mr. J.R. Edwards is a …

Sian Proctor, Ph. D

M Wade Holler

Dr. Proctor is a geoscientist, explorer, and science communication specialist …

Rich Phillips, Board of Directors

Rich Phillips

M Wade Holler

Rich Phillips is a member of the Board of Directors …

Linda Karanian, Board of Directors

Linda Karanian

M Wade Holler

Linda Karanian is a consultant in the Washington, DC area, …

Gary Fisher, Treasurer, Board of Directors

Gary Fisher

M Wade Holler

Gary Fisher serves as Treasurer, as well as a member …

Rick Zucker, Vice President, Policy, Clerk, Board of Directors

Rick Zucker

M Wade Holler

Rick Zucker, who is currently Vice President, Policy, for Explore …

Joe Cassady, Executive Vice President, Board of Directors

Joe Cassady

M Wade Holler

Joe Cassady, who is Executive Vice President, and a member …

Janet Ivey, President, Board of Directors

Janet Ivey

M Wade Holler

Janet Ivey, President, of Explore Mars, Inc., and Creator and …