an Explore Mars Event

May 25-27, 2021

10:00 AM to 3:00 PM EDT Daily

Alires Almon

Deep Space Predictive Research Group, Founder | Mental Health Center of Denver, Director of Innovation

An innovator and orchestrator connecting cross-disciplinary ideas, Alires Almon fuses a deep passion for science’s opportunities with the emerging pathways delivered by technology.  She advances the consideration of the social and cultural impacts of technology in equal importance as its innovative impacts.  Alires founded Deep Space Predictive Research Group to push the boundaries of social science and behavioral technologies to be utilized in space mission planning and leads an international research team whose goal it is to create new behavioral technology to support that mission.

As a co-author of the award-winning response to the DARPA/NASA RFP for the 100 Year Starship Project, Alires focuses her contributions on the psychological impacts of long-term space travel. Through her role as Partner Director of the Artificial Intelligence Institute at the Iliff School of Theology--she is focused on building a trust-based AI ecosystem. The institute facilitates a deeper understanding of the complex integrations and social implications of developing and applying artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. As well, Alires serves as Director of Innovation for the Mental Health Center of Denver, where she integrates technology into behavioral health applications which engage the healthcare/IT innovation community to create partnerships locally, nationally, and internationally to develop world-class services for the Denver community.