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Mars Innovation Challenge

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Thank you Chaya Shinensky of Milton JPDS in Washington D.C. for creating this invaluable resource for teachers and students worldwide! Mrs. Shinensky you are exactly what Mars needs and we salute your brilliance and generosity in support of the #MarsInnovationChallenge!
Getting Started Teacher Resource Doc

Watch these videos to learn about some of the Mars Innovation Challenge categories and use them as research and inspiration for your innovation!

To learn more about Mars Exploration Program at NASA click here:

Surface Habitats, Survivability,

Sustainability and Environmental

Control/Life Support System (ECLSS)


Water Purification/Oxygen and Recycling

Food Production/Farming on Mars

3D Printed Food  

Martian Agriculture Processes

Disposing of Human Waste and Recycling

Radiation Protection for Habitats and Humans

Biological and Physiological

Impacts on Humans


Radiation Protection

Activities to Improve Mood and Mental Health


Thermal Control

Cardiovascular Impacts

Psychological Impacts\

Habitat and Research Infrastructure

and Architecture\


Reliable Power/Power Grid

Design/Lava Tubes/Interior of Craters

Terraforming Martian Soil

Cultural Considerations

Schools on Mars


Space Law for Mars

Economy/Banks on Mars

Artemis Accords: