SciArtExchange presents:

SciArt Exchange hosted a virtual ‘Sensing Space’ Creative Stage at Explore Mars' Humans to Mars Summit Aug. 31-Sept. 3, 2020. We are thrilled to feature all the videos here for anyone worldwide to experience. 

Through engaging and entertaining performances, our amazing guests demonstrated their use of science, technology and creative media to foster new ways of looking at and generating data; designing smart fashions, effective food systems, and wellbeing systems; and creatively capturing the story and benefits of space.

​Sensing Space & STEAM-Thinking

Dr. Jancy McPhee, SciArt Exchange Executive Director, & Neuroscientist -AND- Ari Peralta, MBA, CEO & FOUNDER, Arigami, Philanthropist

Learn more about SciArt Exchange and how it has been harnessing the arts, space and technology via contests and STEAM events focused on bringing the global community together, both on Earth and in space. Get a sneak peak at this year’s incredible lineup of creative storytellers on our ‘Sensing Space’ stage.

​Kepler Concordia Project

Kelly Snook, Founder, Kepler Concordia Project, Former NASA Scientist

This video tells the story of the gradual creation of the Kepler Concordia Project through successive journeys of exploration, discovery, and happy accidents in science, engineering, and music. It will introduce a future that is, in several key ways, a return to the past, when music was science, and science was art, and all were in pursuit of Truth and the Divine.  

​The psychology of flavour and food experience design​

Jozef Youssef, Founder, Chef Patron and Creative Director of Kitchen Theory

We’re living in a time where our understanding of the psychological relationship we humans have with food is allowing us to design better food experiences that can potentially encourage people to make more nutritious and sustainable choices. Our understanding of sensory flavour perception and its connection with wellbeing is undoubtably going to play a role is developing foods for long duration missions in space.

​Innovation and Wearable Technology Fashion

Francesca Rosella, Co-Founder and Chief creative Officer, CuteCircuit - AND- Ryan Genz, Co-Founder, Cute Circuit

Francesca and Ryan will speak on the themes of innovation, interaction design, fashion, and wearable technology. They will show examples from their company, CuteCircuit, the world’s first wearable-technology fashion brand that interweaves leading edge fashion design with emerging technologies and smart fabrics. Their fashions not only look beautiful but carry within them magical capabilities and interactive connections.


Francisco (Xico) Teixeira, Creative Neurotechnologist, MuArts 

You experience art, art experiences you! Watch this amazing MuArts performance and see how Francisco (Xico) uses biometric sensors that analyse brain, heart, breath and movement activity.  Learn how the way you think and breath can modulate the sound and visuals of a musical performance. We got color, we got music, and we got the science behind it all!

VR Overview Effect Therapy 
Dr. Annahita Nezami, Chartered Psychologist and Founder of VR-Overview-Effect

Is there a better way to create positive psychological change in people? What if meditative virtual trips to outer space could be used as a direct dial to our internal world that could induce positive and transformational emotions. VROE combines VR, bio-feedback, music and workshops to bring the therapeutic benefits of the Overview Effect to people back on Tera Firma.
Sensing Space finale. Humans to Mars...and beyond.
Tom Middleton, Sound Designer, Composer & Functional Music Creator 

An inspiring and educational audio visual collage of soundbites, clips and images that helps tell the story of where we’ve come from, that the Cosmos is within us all and we are indeed made of star stuff. It offers a celebration of mankind’s achievements in Astronomy and Space Exploration and ultimately asks the bigger existential questions about our place in Space and our collective responsibility to transcend ourselves, evolve beyond our limitations, and move forward as a conscious, mindful, kind, compassionate interplanetary species.
GCOM is the solo reincarnation of Global Communication. The forthcoming album soundtracks the journey to the Moon, Mars and beyond into an imaginary trajectory inspired by our search for a habitable planet within the golden zones surrounding neighbouring stars. The music incorporates epic classical orchestral scores inspired by Zimmer and Williams, with nods to mid 70’s – early 80’s Vangelis, Jarre, Kratfwerk, Tangerine Dream, and cutting edge immersive sound design and contemporary beats on the hunt for Earth 2.0.