Annahita Nezami

Chartered Counselling Psychologist

Project DEMO: The VROE Therapeutic provides wellness programming inspired by the cognitive shift experienced by astronauts when Earth gazing.

BIO: Annahita is devoted to improving mental health and creating novel solutions for the current mental health crises. Research and astronauts’ accounts suggest that experiencing the Overview Effect (OE) can promote eudaemonic well being. She is passionate about creating evidence based virtual reality programmes that capture the essence of this awe-inducing experience. Her aim is to harness aspects of the OE phenomenon to create evidence-based wellbeing and mental health solutions/packages, that not only address individual mental health problems but also community and societal mental health issues. Annahita believes that in order to address the mental health crises, we need to address mental health issues at the grass roots level and create mental health solutions that are accessible and creative.