Carole Dangoisse

M Wade Holler

Dr Carole Dangoisse is a medical doctor specialised in General Internal Medicine and Critical Care Medicine, with a background B.Sc in Biochemistry.  She is currently training in Anaesthetics.  She has a passion for medicine in remote environments.  She wintered over at Concordia Station, Antarctica, in 2016-2017, spending 14 months on the  “White Mars” as the research doctor for the European Space Agency.  There, she conducted experiments from various teams, contributing to important questions relating to immunity, cognitive capabilities, neuro-muscular functions and psychological well-being in the most isolated and extreme environments of them all, bar space.  The results from research carried out in space analogues will ultimately enable us to send humans on long duration spaceflight.  In between on-call shifts, she enthusiastically retweets about space at @Kaz_inthesky.