Kelly Snook

M Wade Holler

Dr. Snook is a planetary scientist, music producer, engineer, and data sonification researcher based in Portland, Oregon and at the University of Brighton, UK. She is one of the original developers of the MI.MU Gloves for gestural control of music and visuals. She holds a Ph.D. in Aeronautics and Astronautics from Stanford University. She served two decades as a NASA Research Scientist with a focus on Mars and the Moon, before turning her attention to music full-time in 2010 when she joined Imogen Heap as her studio manager and musical assistant. Her current research efforts center on a new post-disciplinary field called Investigative Music through the development of Concordia, an immersive (AR/VR) musical instrument for scientific exploration based on the work of Johannes Kepler, which allows people to experience and play the music of the spheres. She also runs her own recording studio, called “It’s Not Rocket Science Studios,” in Portland, producing and mixing music by independent musicians.

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Title and Description: Kepler Concordia Project

My video will tell the story of the gradual creation of the Kepler Concordia Project through successive journeys of exploration, discovery, and happy accidents in science, engineering, and music. It will introduce a future that is, in several key ways, a return to the past, when music was science, and science was art, and all were in pursuit of Truth and the Divine.