Susan Murabana

M Wade Holler

Successfully introduced a research-based astronomy education curriculum into Nairobi, Kenya’s secondary schools for the first time via the Hands-on Universe program. Responsible for establishing the structure and organisation of Hands-on Universe Africa Organised and co-ordinated the first ever international Teacher training for Hands-on Universe software in Kenya with U.S trainers via web video conferencing. Currently working with Science teachers in African schools to expand the introduction of astronomy research into these countries.

We work with schools and use astronomy as a tool to inspire children into STEM subjects, we provide a holistic approach, visualising the Earth as the floating biosphere seen from space
We encourage an equal number of girls to join our projects as we do boys. I feel that I need to mentor young girls into science as there are not many women like me especially in Africa doing what I do

We would like our next generation of leaders to understand the role of science and even if they do not become scientists they will make better-informed decisions, and invest more in science.

Sustainability – Astronomy encourages us to not only look out and see other planets but also to look at our own world and understand its processes. One way we are demonstrating our approach to sustainability is through the way we have built our planetarium – a geodesic dome made entirely out of bamboo.