Ted Bonk

M Wade Holler

Ted Bonk is a technical fellow working at Honeywell as a Space Exploration Application Engineer.  In this application engineer role, his major focus is matching customer needs to technology solutions from across multiple markets, then tailoring the technology and working with the design engineers to meet the customer’s needs.  

His experience includes advanced development, conceptual trade studies, and development and integration of electrical and mechanical systems into vehicles in different aerospace markets.   In the space market, Ted has been involved with  Lunar Lander Studies, Lunar Surface System avionics concept definition, Orion capsule avionics, life support systems, and network implementation, small satellite products and Deep Space system concepts and development. 

Ted enjoys working with students.  He works with Senior Design Projects with Arizona State University senior design teams and University of Arizona senior design teams.  He also provides space information to grade school robotics teams.

Ted has a Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering from the University of Nebraska, and a Master’s in Business Administration and Master’s in Electrical Engineering from Arizona State University.