Tom Middleton

M Wade Holler

Sensing Space finale. Humans to Mars..and beyond.

An inspiring and educational audio visual collage of soundbites, clips and images that helps tell the story of where we’ve come from, that the Cosmos is within us all, we are indeed made of star stuff. Where we are today and the journey ahead to the Moon, Mars and beyond. A celebration of mankind’s achievements in Astronomy and Space Exploration and ultimately asking the bigger existential questions around our place in Space and our collective responsibility to transcend ourselves, evolve beyond our limitations and move forward as a conscious, mindful, kind, compassionate interplanetary species.

GCOM is the solo reincarnation of Global Communication. The forthcoming album soundtracks the journey to the Moon, Mars and beyond into an imaginary trajectory inspired by our search for a habitable planet within the golden zones surrounding neighbouring stars. The music incorporates epic classical orchestral scores inspired by Zimmer and Williams, with nods to mid 70’s – early 80’s Vangelis, Jarre, Kratfwerk, Tangerine Dream, and cutting edge immersive sound design and contemporary beats on the hunt for Earth 2.0

BIO: Composer, award winning sound designer, functional music creator and science collaborator (and space enthusiast!) Tom Middleton has been using sound to transform lives, from arena filled concerts with Lady Gaga to award-winning soundscapes for major brands. He has toured the world and performed to millions over 3 decades and observed the positive effects of sound. Tom applies principles of neuroscience and the psychology of sound, listening, and breathing to create meaningful, transformational soundscapes, music, and immersive experiences to help mitigate stress, anxiety, burnout and sleep deprivation. Notably, Tom released the world’s first album of scientifically designed soundscapes to aid sleep; Sleep Better, is featured on the CALM app, and he has collaborated on developing functional sound with Nissan.